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Salacia Salts

Vibransea Bath & Body Oil

Vibransea Bath & Body Oil

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Salacia Salts’ mission is to provide useful, practical products and experiences to help consumers relax and enjoy life wherever they are. Passionate about environmental responsibility (reducing the use of plastics and encouraging re-use of packaging), the company strives to showcase unique ways to use everyday, Georgia grown ingredients, such as grits and clay, and provide customers with products they love–handmade by real, local Savannah people.

Made with hemp seed oil, this all-over 4-in-1 bath and body oil reduces inflammation, hydrates and soothes, and regulates oil production.

Use a replenishing oil on your body, as a leave-in treatment for your hair ends, or as a beard oil. The oil blend includes antioxidants and vitamin E that is nourishing and soothing to dry hair and scalps, leaving hair silky smooth. It locks in moisture and helps keep hair healthy and strong. Made with anti-aging seaweed extract and sunflower oil that stimulates hair growth, creating thicker, stronger and longer hair!

Noncomedogenic oil. 

• Beard Oil
• Tames Fly-aways
• Add replenishing oil all over the body 
• Add to bath water to moisturize skin 
• Use as a leave-in treatment for hair ends (keep it off of the roots to avoid greasiness)
• Apply to your scalp and hair shaft when in need of a simple deep conditioner. 
• Use to soften and soothe cuticles 
• Nourishing for dry hair and scalps (from the antioxidants and vitamin E in the blend)

Size: 1oz. 

Directions: Apply a few drops and apply to tame hair fly-aways and smooth appearance of beards, add a few drops to bathwater to lock in skin hydration, apply directly to the body to nourish and moisturize skin, or to your scalp and hair shaft when in need of a simple deep conditioner. 

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