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Tallassee Highlands Apiary

Athens Honey

Athens Honey

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8 ounces of Honey from Athens, Georgia. Available in Wildflower Honey, Lemon Soft Set Honey, and Cinnamon Soft Set Honey. Try the Lemon Soft Set in tea! The Cinnamon Soft Set is perfect on toast or in a cup of coffee! 

Tallassee Highlands Apiary bees are raised using certified naturally grown principles and never fed corn syrup or given harsh chemicals. Their main apiary, or bee yard, is in a quiet corner of Athens-Clarke County with abundant nectar, pollen sources and fresh water.

What is Soft Set honey? It goes by many different names: creamed, whipped and spun are commonly used but none is quite as accurate. There’s no cream in it and it isn’t spun or whipped. Soft Set is more appropriate. It is a temperature controlled process of introducing and inducing super-tiny crystals in the honey to produce a creamy texture like peanut butter. Done right it’s never gritty and actually prevents the honey from forming those large crystals.

Lemon Soft Set Honey contains Pure Lemon Oil

Size: 8oz glass container

Tallassee Highlands Apiary is licensed and inspected by the Department of Agriculture.

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