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Salacia Salts

Vibransea Seaweed Facial Oil

Vibransea Seaweed Facial Oil

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Salacia Salts’ mission is to provide useful, practical products and experiences to help consumers relax and enjoy life wherever they are. Passionate about environmental responsibility (reducing the use of plastics and encouraging re-use of packaging), the company strives to showcase unique ways to use everyday, Georgia grown ingredients, such as grits and clay, and provide customers with products they love–handmade by real, local Savannah people.

Vibransea Seaweed Facial Oil softens, hydrates, soothes mature and acne prone skin. This oil blend stimulates collagen production, helps reduce premature wrinkles, and evens skin tone.   

Vitamin E • Anti-aging ingredients stimulate collagen production and help reduce premature wrinkles.

Fragrance Free. Vegan. Paraben Free. 

We also like to use oil for a mini facial massage to melt away stress. When applying, make sure your face, neck, and chest are covered. Apply up and out. Do not pull or drag the skin. 

Size: 2oz

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