Be Radiant! Daily Moisturizer

Be Radiant! Daily Moisturizer

Root and Kettle

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This nourishing moisturizer coats, soothes, and protects our skin to help us age with grace and radiance! Unlike many commercial creams that penetrate the surface of the skin, this cream goes deep. A little goes a long way; you just need a small dab. There may be a temporary feeling of oiliness, but it will disappear as the cream is absorbed. 

Root + Kettle never uses preservatives, dyes, synthetic ingredients, or toxic fragrances, so you can trust that what you’re putting on your body is natural, clean, and nourishing. Handcrafted with care in small batches.

2 oz, glass container

Ingredients: rosewater, aloe vera gel, vitamin E, vitamin C serum, organic sweet almond oil, organic coconut oil, lanolin, beeswax, organic tamanu oil, frankincense and lavender essential oils.