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1000 Faces

Koko Buni

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Athens' own 1000 Faces Coffee is once again offering their custom, seasonal coffee blend, Koko Buni, in conjunction with Creature Comfort's Koko Buni milk porter. The Koko Buni milk porter combines toasted coconut, vanilla bean, cacao nibs, and 1000 Faces’ coffee, for a ridiculously delicious winter seasonal beer. 1000 Faces Coffee's Koko Buni Blend shines through on its own as an incredible cup of coffee to be enjoyed all through the winter months. 

Koko Buni is a blend of two 1000 Faces Coffee favorites; Suke Quto and Biranu Dulo.


1000 Faces Coffee is represented by a group of folks who are passionate about coffee and are passionate about being nice to people. From the beginning, 1000 Faces Coffee has been working in partnership with the two most important ends of the 1000 Faces Spectrum: the grower and the customer. In their own words, "it is this partnership that is at the foundation for real economic sustainability for not just us, but all parties involved. We believe that respect for geographic origin, direct relationships, and ecological awareness is the basis for creating a more sustainable coffee culture."


Koko Buni Blend Components:

Biranu Dulo - 67%

Producer: Biranu Dulo
Region: Tima, Odo Shakiso, Guji
Country: Ethiopia
Coordinates: 5°46'00.1"N 38°54'51.0"E
Variety: 74110, 74112, & Regional Landraces
Process: Natural
Altitude: 2100 masl
Harvest: January 2020

Suke Quto - 33%

Producer: Suke Quto
Region: Odo Shakiso, Guji
Country: Ethiopia
Coordinates: 5°46'00.1"N 38°54'51.0"E
Variety: Kurume & Wolisho
Process: Washed
Altitude: 2100 masl
Harvest: January 2020