Face Masks

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This is our mask story:

After reading about mask shortages in hospitals, we are currently coordinating with an Athens hospital about sewing reusable fabric face masks for their medical staff, and for other hospitals and medical offices that currently experience or are expecting shortages of masks in the next weeks and months.

One of our seamstresses, Dulce, already developed three different prototypes that were tested and approved by the nurses. These masks are not as protective against the virus as the current standard medical masks that are being used, but can be worn by medial workers dealing with non-infectious patients, so the regular masks can be freed up for the people that need them most. Our masks also have pockets where filters can be inserted, so they can be reused, and additional protection against the virus can be added. 
Our seamstresses are out of work since we can’t do alterations right now due to the close contact it requires when doing a fitting. We are ready to put our machines and skills to use to help out with what is really needed at this time. The money raised will cover cost of the production of the masks and will pay the seamstresses for their labor, thereby helping secure their jobs.

If you are able to help fund this project, please send your support at 


You can also support our mask making for the hospital through our Buy One Donate One option when purchasing our face masks. You can see at the available selection under our Shop navigation.

Due to the new recommendation of the CDC that everyone is now recommended to wear face masks in public, we are making a limited number of masks available for sale in our online store. Please be assured that all of the masks we are selling are made by the Community seamstresses, and they will be compensated for their work by Community. All masks that are funded through this fundraiser will be delivered to Piedmont Hospital.

Want to show your appreciation for our local heroes? You can now also gift one of our Athens Gift Boxes to a healthcare professional working on the front lines! Have a look at any of our boxes listed in our online shop, choose Donate One when purchasing, and we will send one to a doctor, nurse, or other healthcare worker at Piedmont Hospital, who has been giving their all to treat or protect us from COVID-19.