Torquay Ceramic Vase
Torquay Ceramic Vase

Torquay Ceramic Vase


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 The Torquay vase features swatches of tinted color clay inlaid into the surface with clear satin glaze. Surface design is inspired by Australian beaches.

Shibui-Ceramics, which is based in Savannah, Georgia, was established by Trang Vu to create pieces that are although seemingly simplistic, reveal the complex and intricate variables in nature that make our world unique. 

Size:  Small 5" h x 2.25" dia. / Med. 7" h x 2.5" dia. /  Large 9" h x 2.5" dia.

(measurements are approximate as every product is handmade, so sizes and pattern will vary slightly)

- Handmade, mid-fire, ceramic stoneware

- Hand-washing is recommended to prolong the life of the piece

- Do not expose to thermal shock (drastic changes in temperature hot-cold)