Golden Nectar Facial Repair Serum

Golden Nectar Facial Repair Serum

Root and Kettle

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Harness the power of roses, calendula flowers, and elderflowers with this precious facial serum. This dynamic blend of flower-infused oils helps treat aging skin, sunspots, and light scarring. Essential oils of neroli, frankincense, helichrysum, sweet orange, and geranium provide a beautifully botanical scent while deeply nourishing damaged skin. The roller-top bottle allows you to apply the serum directly to spots that could use some extra love.

Root & Kettle never uses preservatives, dyes, synthetic ingredients, or toxic fragrances, so you can trust that what you’re putting on your body is natural, clean, and nourishing. Handcrafted with care in small batches.

5 ml Roller Bottle 

Ingredients: Rose Petals, organic calendula flowers, organic elderflowers, organic jojoba oil, organic coconut oil, organic rose hip seed oil, organic neroli, geranium, sweet orange, organic frankincense, and helichrysum essential oils.