Herbal Tea Bags

Herbal Tea Bags

Almas + Co

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Alma & Co.'s teas are thoughtful blends of organic herbs, pre-bagged for your convenience. Cool down with a glass of iced, floral Serenity; or cozy up with a soothing cup Chai Escape. 

You will receive 10 tea bags of your flavor choice packaged in a resealable, kraft pouch. 

Serenity: A calming inspired loose leaf tea blend with green tea, chamomile, lavender, and dried rose petals.

Blueberry Cream: A fruity cream inspired loose leaf tea blend with dried blueberries, black tea leaves infused with vanilla, lavender and dried lemon. 

Chai EscapeA soothing spicy black tea inspired loose leaf tea blend with cinnamon, cardamom, black tea leaves, cloves, nutmeg, black pepper, and dried lavender flowers.