October: Jittery Joe’s Omoiyari
October: Jittery Joe’s Omoiyari

October: Jittery Joe’s Omoiyari

Jittery Joe's

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Omoiyari, also recognizes one of our favorite Athens based musicians, Kishi Bashi. Omoiyari is the name of Kishi Bashi’s fourth album and documentary film, and is the Japanese word for "the act of having consideration for another". The film chronicles his personal journey through the history of Japanese American incarceration during World War II - creating music around locations associated with this time in our history.⁠
Packaged in a unique, custom designed bag; featuring the amazing talent of Jerrod Landon Porter, Omoiyari represents the best of the human spirit, as we all possess the unique ability to have compassion with one another. 

Jittery Joe’s Coffee was started in 1994 next to the famous 40 Watt Club in Athens, Georgia. The connection with the club helped Jottery Joe’s become something larger than anyone would have imagined. Not only does Jittery Joe’s coffee strive to source the best coffee beans available, but roaster Charlie Mustard produces small batches to allow for greater quality and care. 

- Available in 12 oz bag, ground
- About a two-week supply for 1-2 coffee drinkers
- Ingredients: 100% Arabica Coffee
- Tasting Notes: Baking chocolate, dried apricot, creamy body